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Sen. DeMint Introduces Checkoff Amendment

Posted on 6/22/2012 by Chris Heiss in 2012 Farm Bill Checkoff

As reported in last week's Advocacy Alert, the 2012 Farm Bill, known formally as the Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act (S. 3240), was brought to the Senate floor for discussion. Since its introduction, more than 220 amendments (many having nothing to do with agriculture) have been filed.

Among the amendments introduced is one from Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) that calls for the prohibition of compulsory checkoff programs. This amendment would affect the nearly 20 checkoff programs currently in place at the federal level, and potentially many more conducted at the state and local levels.

In response, more than 90 agricultural producer groups and associations, including NCTA, have signed onto a letter encouraging Senate leaders to oppose this amendment and others that might negatively impact checkoff programs.